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Which low cost airlines?
Which destinations and routes?
How do I know which airline operates the flight?
Why not (any) traditional airlines (yet)?
Can I book my hotel and car rental via Wegolo?
Why e-tickets?

Idea & Concept
Why can't I choose an airport as a destination?
Why can't I find my destination?
What is meant with departure Country and/or Region/City?
Can I book tickets with multiple destinations?
What are "all-in" prices?
Why do I see other destinations than the one I selected?

What is a cancellation insurance?
How can a cancellation insurance be taken out?
Can a cancellation insurance be cancelled?
How can I make a claim on the cancellation insurance?
What is a flight ticket insurance?

How and when does the payment take place?
Can I make a reservation without a credit card?
Can I make a booking for someone else with my credit card?
Is my payment secured?
Is my personal data protected?
Can exchange rates differ when converting currencies?

How can I book a return flight?
Can you (Wegolo) assist me with my booking?
What does "NOT CONFIRMED" mean on my flight confirmation?
What does "PENDING" mean on my flight confirmation?
How can I change a booked flight?
How long in advance can I make my booking?
Why are the fares changing regularly?
How can I book the extra services offered by some low cost airlines?
What if I have a reservation with an airline that has terminated its operations?
The site is not working. Why not?
Why do I keep getting the booking/order page displayed again and again?

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